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This is a brief list of frequently asked questions. Please feel free to ask your question if it is not answered here via our contact page.

Quran Application

  • Is there a mobile version of Tanzil?
    Yes. You can install Tanzil on your mobile phone using the instructions described here: Install on Mobile.
  • Can I use desktop version on mobile phones?
    Yes. You can switch between mobile and desktop versions from our Display options.
  • Where to find a user manual for Tanzil?
    The main features of Tanzil Quran Navigator is described at this page.

Audio & Recitations

  • Is there an option for “repeating” ayas?
    Yes. You can set how many times each aya is recited. On desktop mode, click on the wrench icon on the top-right corner of the Recitation box to access the repeat menu. In mobile mode, repeat menu is available in the Settings page.
  • Can I change the recitation speed?
    Yes. You can adjust playback speed by clicking on the 1.0x number on the player pad. In mobile version, the speed menu is available in the Settings page.
  • May I listen to translation audio after recitation of each aya?
    Yes. Just tick the “Play translation” checkbox in the Recitation box. In mobile mode, the “Play translation” option is available in the Settings page. Note that this option is availble only for those translations for which we have audios.
  • Can I download mp3 files separately?
    You can download audio files either verse by verse from, or sura by sura from various resources like


  • How can I get back to the same aya that I was reading in my last visit?
    Tanzil automatically redirect you to the last aya visited. Make sure to bookmark in your browser without any trailing part after # in the url.
  • Can I link to a specific page in the Quran or in translations?
    Yes. Each page in Tanzil has a unique url, which can be found in the URL bar of your browser. More information is available here.
  • Can I bookmark the current aya that I am reading for a later reference?
    Each aya in Tanzil has a unique url, so you can use the default bookmarking system of your browser to bookmark the current aya.

Quran Text

  • How accurate is Tanzil Quran text?
    Tanzil Quran text is carefully derived from Medina Mushaf, which is currently the most authentic copy of the holy Quran (narration of Hafs). See more information on this page.
  • Why Tanzil Quran text is slightly different from my printed copy?
    The default Quran text displayed in Tanzil is in Imlaaei (simple) script which is easier to read on browsers. You can however switch to Uthmani script from Quran menu on the left of the page.
  • I can't see Quran text properly on my browser. Any solution?
    Tanzil uses font embedding techniques to display Quran text properly. If your browser does not support these techniques, you need to install a suitable Quranic font.
  • Why some Kasra's are displayed like Fatha?
    The combination of Kasra+Shadda may be displayed ambiguously in some Arabic fonts. See more information at this page.


  • Can I download Quran translations from Tanzil?
    Yes. All Quran translations available in tanzil are provided for download in various formats at our Translations Repository.
  • Are all Quran translations provided in Tanzil authentic?
    We have tried to provide a set of mostly acceptable Quran translations here, but we cannot guarantee their authenticity and/or accuracy. Please use them at your own discretion. More information about the translators can be found at this page.
  • Can I suggest a particular Quran translation to be added to Tanzil?
    Sure. If you are aware of any authentic Quran translation which is not included in our project, you can help us add it to Tanzil by sending us the translation text according to the format described here.
  • How can I get a list of ayas containing a specific word?
    Simply enter the word in the Search box on the left side of Tanzil Quran Navigator. See our Search Tips for more information.
  • I do not have Arabic keyboard. How can I enter Arabic words in the search box?
    You can use online tools available, such as Google Arabic Transliteration.
  • Can I search in the translations as well?
    Currently no. This feature will be enabled in the near future.

Tanzil Project

  • Who is behind Tanzil project?
    Tanzil is an independent international project, and does not belong to any sect, organization, or country. You can see the list of contributors at this page.
  • What does Tanzil mean?
    Tanzil (Arabic: تنزيل) means “to send down”. In Quranic terminology, it refers to the process by which divine message (the holy Quran) comes to the heart of the messenger.
  • Is this project financially supported by any organization?
    No. All work done on Tanzil project is voluntary. Our server and bandwidth expenses are covered by donations we receive.
  • How may I contribute to the project?
    There are several ways to contribute to the Tanzil project. Click here for more information.

For Developers

  • I want to develop a Quranic website/application. Can I use your resources?
    Sure. We have provided all resources used in Tanzil in our resources page. They are available for non-commercial purposes.
  • Can I embed Tanzil Quran Navigator into my website?
    Yes. You can find the instructions at this page.
  • Can I suggest a new Quran recitation or audio translation to be added to Tanzil?
    If you have access to a high-quality Quran recitation or audio translation, you can help us add it to Tanzil using the instructions provided in this page.

Other Questions

  • I have a question about Quran/Islam. Where can I find the answer?
    Please contact an Islamic scholar. You can find a proper person to consult with by a simple search on the web.
  • Can I access Hadith online?
    There are several websites providing Hadith. You can for example try this one.
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