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Quran Navigator

This page briefly describes how to use Tanzil Quran Navigator.

You can navigate through the Quran text in several ways:

Hot KeyAction
Up / Down Go to previous/next aya
Left / Right Go to previous/next page
Ctrl + Left / Right Go to previous/next sura
Space Bar Play/Pause recitation
  • Browse Menu: You can select a specific sura, aya, and juz from the drop-down menus on the left of the page.
  • Page Arrows: You can go to the next and previous pages by clicking on the arrows on the top (and bottom) of each page.
  • Hot Keys: You can navigate between ayas, pages, and suras, by pressing arrow keys on your keyboard, as described in the table to the right.


Recitation Menu You can listen to beautiful recitation of various famous reciters from the Recitation menu on the left of the page. Recitations are synchronized with the Quran text: whenever the reciter moves to the next aya, the new aya is highlighted in the Quran page, and the translation of the new aya is displayed in the translation box (if it is activated). The page is also automatically scrolled, if needed, to make sure that the recited aya is properly viewed in the browser's window.

Recitation Options

Recitation Options

Several options are provided in the Recitation menu:

  • Repeat Times: You can specify how many times each aya should be repeated by clicking on the number right after the reciter name.
  • Play Scope: You can select whether recitations go continuously, or stop at the end of each aya, sura, page, or juz.
  • Delay Time: You can specify the delay between each two consecutive ayas.
  • Add Reciter: You can select two or more recitations to be played alternately. This is in particular useful if you want to hear “translation audio” after the recitation of each aya.


Tanzil provides various translations of the Quran in 40 different languages. You can select your desired translation from the Translation menu on the left of the page. There are there ways for viewing the translation of ayas:

Translation Box for Aya 1:1

  • Translation Tooltip: In this mode, you will see the translation of each particular aya by moving your mouse over the Arabic text of that aya.
  • Translation Box: In this mode, the translation of the currently highlighted aya is shown in a small box next to the aya. This mode is in particular useful when recitations are played.
  • Translation Tab: You can see the translation of the whole page at once in the Translation Tab.

You can select between the first two modes from the Translation menu on the left of the page.

Tanzil has a powerful search engine for exploring the Quran text. Two search modes are provided by Tanzil:

  • Quran Text: In this mode, you simply enter the word(s) you are looking for and press Go. A list of ayas matching your search query will be displayed in the Search Tab. You can refine your search using various options described in Search Tips.
  • Quran Roots: In this mode, you can select from a list of roots used in Quran and press Go. You will then receive a list of ayas in which the selected root has appeared.
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