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Adding New Recitations

You can help us add a new recitation (or audio translation) to Tanzil using the instructions below.

How to prepare a recitation

  1. Find high-quality audio files for the recitation, one mp3 file per sura. The bit rate of the files should be at least 64Kbps (though higher bit rates like 128Kbsp and 192Kbps are preferred).
  2. Download and run this tool developed by VerseByVerseQuran project.
  3. Open mp3 file for a sura using the above tool.
  4. Press “Play” and listen to the mp3 file carefully. Whenever an aya is finished and just before the next aya starts, press “Add Breakpoint”.
  5. Once you added all breakpoints for the sura, press “Export” to save the breakpoints (which is simply a list of times in milliseconds) in a .txt file.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for each sura.

How to submit a recitation

Once you finished preparing the timings files, send us the following items:

  • The original mp3 files for the recitation, or the source from which the mp3 files are downloaded.
  • The recitation timings, composed of 114 txt files as described above.
  • A brief information about the recitation and the reciter.

Please submit the prepared files directly to admin at tanzil dot net.

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