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While all work done in the Tanzil project is voluntary, we have to pay for our servers and bandwidth expenses. We also pay for our backup servers and the associated domain names. All these costs are covered by the collected donations.

Usage Statistics

Tanzil serves millions of visitors every year. The usage statistics for a recent year is provided below.

Number of Visits 21 million visits ≃ 1.2 billion server hits
Quran Pages Viewed 125 million pages ≃ 207,000 complete Qurans
Audio Files Listened 840 million verses ≃ 135,000 complete Qurans
Bandwidth Used 104 Terabytes ≃ 160,000 audio CDs

With each dollar of donation, you can contribute in serving more than 4,000 visitors, reading 25,000 pages of Quran, and listening to 170,000 verses. This is indeed a great investment.

How to Donate

The donation link is now inactive as we have received enough donation for this year. The link will be put back here whenever we need your help. Thanks in advance for your kind support.

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