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Who is using Tanzil?

This is a brief list of websites and applications that are using Tanzil Quran text.



  • Zekr: an open-source Quranic application running on Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Quran Verses: a Facebook application for browsing and listening to Quran
  • Quran with Tafseer: a Quranic application for Windows in Urdu and English
  • Dangi Quran: a Quranic software for Windows in Kurdish, Arabic and English
  • JQuranTree: a set of Java APIs to retrieve and analyze Quran text
  • QuranCode: a software for counting the frequency of letters in each sura and aya of Quran
  • Mohaffez: a Quranic software for reciting Quran
  • Quran Quest: a software for searching several English translations plus a Quran index
  • Noor: a small Quran viewer in Python
  • Quran bot: a jabber bot that displays Quran text in different text formats
  • Alfanous: a Quranic search engine for Windows and Linux
  • Quran Read: a Java application displaying word-by-word translation and transliteration

Mobile Apps

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