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The following copyright notice is applied to, and is included in all copies of Tanzil Quran text:

  Tanzil Quran Text 
  Copyright (C) 2007-2021 Tanzil Project
  License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 

  This copy of the Quran text is carefully produced, highly 
  verified and continuously monitored by a group of specialists 
  in Tanzil Project.

  - Permission is granted to copy and distribute verbatim copies 
    of this text, but CHANGING IT IS NOT ALLOWED.

  - This Quran text can be used in any website or application, 
    provided that its source (Tanzil Project) is clearly indicated, 
    and a link is made to to enable users to keep
    track of changes.

  - This copyright notice shall be included in all verbatim copies 
    of the text, and shall be reproduced appropriately in all files 
    derived from or containing substantial portion of this text.

  Please check updates at:
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