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Me_quran font

The me_quran font is a rich Arabic font specially designed for rendering Quran texts like Medina Mushaf. The font is available to download for personal and non-commercial use from here.


  • Sequential Tanweens
    There are two types of tanweens used in Medina Mushaf: normal tanweens which are used in regular places (e.g., in Izhar), and sequential tanweens which are used to demonstrate Idgham and Ikhfa. Since there is no standard support in Unicode for sequential tanweens, me_quran font uses a combination of characters to render these special types of tanweens. More precisely, a sequential tanween is represented by adding a small meem after a normal tanween. However, the resulting combination can be only viewed properly in me_quran font. Using other fonts, you would see extra small meems around tanweens if you enable “sequential tanweens” upon downloading Uthmani Quran text from our download page.
  • Special lam+hamza+alef
    When a hamza is placed between lam and alef, like in وَٱلْـَٔاخِرَة, ordinary Arabic fonts are not able to render lam and alef nicely like what they do in regular cases, e.g. in لا. In me_quran, a rule is added to render lam+hamza+alef (i.e., لءا) nicely. However, this combination is rendered disjointed in almost all other Arabic fonts. Tanzil Quran text by default uses lam+tatweel+superscrit_hamza+alef (i.e., لـَٔا) to keep the text compatible with the majority of Arabic fonts. If you like to use our Quran text only with me_quran font, you can check “Special lam+hamza+alef” upon downloading the text.

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