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Extra non-read alefs

In Uthmani Quran script, there are quite a number of non-read alefs at the end of some verbs and words that are extra in the sense that they do not comply with today's standard Arabic, and hence, they are usually removed from Simple Quran scripts. A list of such extra non-read alefs is provided in this page.

Rules for non-read alefs

According to Arabic grammar, if a verb ends with a subjective pronoun “waw”, a non-read alef is added after waw. This rule applies only to the following three cases:

  • Past-tense plural third-person verbs (masculine). Example: قالوا
  • Present-tense plural second-person verbs (masculine, majzoom). Example: لا تقولوا
  • Present-tense plural third-person verbs (masculine, majzoom). Example: لن یفعلوا

List of extra non-read alefs in Uthmani texts

Apart from the above three cases, some other non-read alefs have been placed at the end of some verbs and words ending with “waw” in Uthmani Quran scripts. Since these non-read alefs are not standard in modern Arabic, they are usually removed from Simple Quran scripts. A list of these extra non-read alefs is provided in the table below.

Address Script Explanation
2:46 مُلَاقُوا not a verb
2:129 يَتْلُوا singular
2:151 يَتْلُوا singular
2:221 يَدْعُوا singular
2:249 مُلَاقُوا not a verb
3:164 يَتْلُوا singular
5:15 يَعْفُوا singular
6:71 أَنَدْعُوا first-person
6:93 بَاسِطُوا not a verb
10:25 يَدْعُوا singular
10:30 تَبْلُوا singular
10:61 تَتْلُوا singular
10:90 بَنُوا not a verb
11:29 مُلَاقُوا not a verb
12:86 أَشْكُوا first-person
12:108 أَدْعُوا first-person
13:36 أَدْعُوا first-person
13:39 يَمْحُوا singular
16:86 نَدْعُوا first-person
17:71 نَدْعُوا first-person
18:83 سَأَتْلُوا first-person
18:110 يَرْجُوا singular
19:48 أَدْعُوا first-person
22:12 يَدْعُوا singular
22:13 يَدْعُوا singular
28:3 نَتْلُوا first-person
28:45 تَتْلُوا singular
28:59 يَتْلُوا singular
28:86 تَرْجُوا singular
29:5 يَرْجُوا singular
29:31 مُهْلِكُوا not a verb
29:48 تَتْلُوا singular
30:39 يَرْبُوا singular
32:12 نَاكِسُوا not a verb
33:6 أُو۟لُوا not verb
33:21 يَرْجُوا singular
35:6 يَدْعُوا singular
37:36 لَتَارِكُوا not a verb
37:38 لَذَائِقُوا not a verb
38:59 صَالُوا not a verb
39:8 يَدْعُوا singular
39:9 يَرْجُوا singular
40:74 نَدْعُوا first-person
42:25 يَعْفُوا singular
42:30 يَعْفُوا singular
44:15 كَاشِفُوا not a verb
46:5 يَدْعُوا singular
54:27 مُرْسِلُوا not a verb
60:6 يَرْجُوا singular
62:2 يَتْلُوا singular
65:11 يَتْلُوا singular
70:17 تَدْعُوا singular
72:20 أَدْعُوا first-person
83:16 لَصَالُوا not a verb
84:11 يَدْعُوا singular
98:2 يَتْلُوا singular
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