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This page describes changes provisioned for version 1.1 of Tanzil Quran text.

Text Updates

*All Texts:

  • Three occurrences of

    in ayas 2:181, 8:6, and 13:37 are replaced by

    "بَعْدَ مَا"


*Uthmani: Two occurrences of <code>“يَـٰصَىٰحِبَىِ”</code> are replaced by <code>“يَـٰصَـٰحِبَىِ”</code> in ayas 12:39 and 12:41 to match Medina Mushaf. * HIGH_NOON (U+06E8) is replaced by TATWEEL + HIGH_NOON in the word <code>“نُـۨجِى”</code> in aya 21:88. * SMALL_WAW (U+06E5) is replaced by TATWEEL + SMALL_WAW in the word <code>“لِيَسُـۥـُٔوا”</code> in aya 17:7. * SMALL_YEH (U+06E6) in the middle of words are replaced by TATWEEL + HIGH_YEH (U+06E7), e.g. in <code>“إِبْرَ‌ٰهِـۧمَ”</code>. * All occurrences of <code>“لءا”</code> are replaced by <code>“لـَٔا”</code>, e.g. in <code>“بِالْـَٔاخِرَةِ”</code>. *Uthmani Minimal: * Capital Yeh's before Hamza (e.g. in <code>“شَيء”</code>) are replaced by dotless Yeh (ى) to remain compatible with Medina Mushaf. *Simple: * The following changes are made to increase compatibility with Uthmani text: *5:31



*39:56 <code>ياحَسرَتا</code> ⇒ <code>ياحَسرَتىٰ</code> *17:32



Name Updates

  • Previous “Simple” text is now called “Simple Plain”.
  • Previous “Simple Enhanced” is now called “Simple”, and serves as our default simple text.
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