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Welcome to Tanzil, a Quranic project aimed at providing a highly verified precise Quran text.

The first version of Tanzil Quran text is released in January 2008. You can browse the Quran text in our Quran Navigator.

Tanzil Quran Text Features

Tanzil Quran Navigator

  • Accuracy
    Accuracy is the most important factor in Tanzil. The text provided by our project is the most reliable and precise digital Quran text available on the web. See more information here.
  • Searchability
    Both Uthmani and Imlaei versions of our Quran text are completely searchable and can be easily embedded in other text formats.
  • Pause Marks
    The Imlaei Quran text provided by Tanzil is the first such text that includes complete pause marks.
  • Compatibility
    Our Uthmani Quran text is completely matching the Medina Mushaf. The writing style of our Imlaei text has also a perfect match to the standard Mushaf.
  • Flexibility
    Tanzil provides options for including or removing diacritics, pause marks, different tanween shapes, etc., to better suit different usages and various fonts available.

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