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In In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
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the Beneficent, the Merciful. Merciful;
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Guide us to the straight path, path:
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those who believe in the revelation sent down to you and in what was sent before you, and firmly believe in the life to come; come --
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There are some who say, ‘We "We believe in God and the Last Day,’ Day," yet they are not believers.
-18 +18
When they are told, ‘Do "Do not cause corruption in the land,’ land," they say, ‘We "We are only promoters of peace,’ peace,"
-20,2 +20,2
And when they are told, ‘Believe "Believe as other people have believed,’ believed," they say, ‘Are "Are we to believe just as fools believe?’ believe?" Surely they are the fools, even though they do not realize it.
When they meet those who believe, they say, ‘We believe.’ "We believe." But when they are alone with their evil leaders, they say, ‘We "We are really with you; we were only mocking.’ mocking."
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They are like those who kindled a fire, and when it lighted up all around them, God took away their sight and left them in utter darkness, unable to see— see --
-32,3 +32,3
Give the good news to those who believe and do good works, that they will have Gardens through which rivers flow: whenever they are given fruit to eat they will say, ‘This "This is what we were provided with before,’ before," because they were given similar things. And there will be pure spouses for them, and they will abide there forever.
God does not disdain to give a parable about a gnat or a smaller creature. The faithful know that it is the truth from their Lord, but those who deny the truth ask, ‘What "What could God mean by this parable?’ parable?" He lets many go astray through it, and guides many by it. But He makes only the disobedient go astray:
those who break God’s God's covenant after they have pledged to keep it, and sever whatever God has ordered to be joined, and spread corruption in the land—it land -- it is they who are the losers.
-37,7 +37,7
When your Lord said to the angels, ‘I "I am putting a successor on earth,’ earth," they said, ‘Will "Will You place someone there who will cause corruption on it and shed blood, while we glorify You with Your praise and extol Your holiness?’ holiness?" [God] answered, ‘Surely, "Surely, I know that which you do not know.’ know."
He taught Adam all the names, then He set them before the angels and said, ‘Tell "Tell Me the names of these, if what you say be true.’ true."
They said, ‘Glory "Glory be to You; we have no knowledge except whatever You have taught us. You are the All Knowing, the All Wise.’ Wise."
Then He said, ‘O "O Adam, tell them their names.’ names." When Adam had told them the names, God said to the angels, ‘Did "Did I not say to you: I know the secrets of the heavens and of the earth, and I know what you reveal and what you conceal?’ conceal?"
When We said to the angels, ‘Bow "Bow down before Adam,’ Adam," they all bowed except for Iblis [Satan]. He refused and acted proudly and became an unbeliever.
We said, ‘O "O Adam! live with your wife in Paradise and eat freely from it anywhere you may wish. Yet do not approach this tree lest you become wrongdoers.’ wrongdoers."
But Satan caused them both to slip through this and thus brought about the loss of their former state. We said, ‘Go "Go down from here as enemies to each other; and on earth you shall have your abode and your livelihood for a while!’ while!"
-45,2 +45,2
We said, ‘Go "Go down, all of you, from here: then when guidance comes to you from Me, anyone who follows My guidance will have no fear, nor will they grieve— grieve --
those who deny and reject Our signs shall be the inhabitants of the Fire; therein shall they abide forever.’ forever."
-56,2 +56,2
Remember when We delivered you from Pharaoh’s Pharaoh's people, who subjected you to grievous torment, slaying your sons and sparing only your daughters—surely daughters, surely in that there was a great trial for you from your Lord— Lord,
and when We divided the sea for you and saved you and drowned Pharaoh’s Pharaoh's people, while you looked on.
-61,2 +61,2
When Moses said to his people, ‘O "O my people, you have indeed wronged yourselves by worshipping the calf; turn in repentance to your Creator and slay [the culprits] among you. That course is best for you in the sight of your Maker.’ Maker." He relented towards you. He is the Forgiving One, the Merciful.
Remember when you said, ‘Moses, "Moses, we will not believe in you until we see God with our own eyes,’ eyes," a thunderbolt struck you while you were looking on.
-64,2 +64,2
Then We caused the clouds to provide shade for you and sent down for you manna and quails, saying, ‘Eat "Eat the good things We have provided for you.’ you." Indeed, they did not wrong Us, but they wronged themselves.
Remember when We said, ‘Enter "Enter this land and eat freely wherever you will. Make your way through the gates, bowing down and saying, “God! "God! Forgive us our sins.” sins." We shall forgive you your sins and We shall give abundance to those who do good.’ good."
-67,6 +67,6
When Moses prayed for water for his people, We said to him, ‘Strike "Strike the rock with your staff!’ staff!" And there gushed out from it twelve springs. Each tribe knew its drinking-place. [We said], ‘Eat "Eat and drink what God has provided and do not act wrongfully in the land, spreading corruption.’ corruption."
When you said, ‘Moses, "Moses, we cannot bear to eat only one kind of food, so pray to your Lord to bring forth for us some of the earth’s earth's produce, its herbs and cucumbers, its garlic, lentils, and onions.’ onions." Moses said, ‘Would "Would you take a lesser thing in exchange for what is better? Go to some town and there you will find all that you demand.’ demand." Abasement and destitution were stamped upon them, and they incurred the wrath of God, for having rejected His signs, and they killed His prophets unjustly, because they were rebels and transgressors.