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Alif. Lam. Mim. Sad.
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In In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
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who induce temptation into the hearts of mankind.
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Believe in My revelations (Quran) that confirms what I revealed to you ( about (about Prophet Muhammad in your Scripture). Do not be the first ones to deny it nor sell My revelations for a small price, but have fear of Me.
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When a Messenger of God came to them confirming the ( original) (original) revelation that they already had received, a group of those who had the Scripture with them, threw the Book of God behind their backs as if they did not know anything about it.
-133 +133
When Abraham prayed to the Lord saying , saying, "Lord, make this town a place of security and provide those in the town who believe in God and the Day of Judgement, with plenty," God replied, "I shall allow those who hide the truth to enjoy themselves for a while. Then I shall drive them into the torment of hell fire, a terrible destination!"
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Fools will soon say, "What has made them (Muslims) change the direction to which they had been facing during their prayers (the qibla) ?" qibla)?" (Muhammad), tell them, "Both the East and West belong to God and He guides (whomever He wants), to the right direction."
-162 +162
We shall test you through fear, hunger, loss of life, property, and crops . crops. (Muhammad), give glad news to the people who have patience
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Complete the hajj and umrah (two parts of the rituals of pilgrimage to Makka ) Makka) in obedience to God. If you are prevented from completing the duty of hajj, offer whatever sacrifice is possible and do not shave your heads before the sacrificial animal is delivered to the prescribed place. If one of you is ill or is suffering because of some ailment in your head, you must redeem the shaving of the head by fasting, or paying money, or offering a sheep as a sacrifice. When all is well with you and you want to complete the umrah in the hajj season, offer whatever sacrifice is possible. If you do not find an animal, you have to fast for three days during the days of the pilgrimage rituals and seven days at home to complete the required ten fasting days. This rule is for those who live beyond (a distance of twelve miles from) the Sacred Mosque in Mecca. Have fear of God and know that He is stern in His retribution.
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Certainly, if you have patience and piety, even if the enemy attacks immediately after this, God will help you with another force of five thousand angels, all splendidly ( and (and or distinctly marked) dressed.
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test the faith of the believers, and deprive the unbelievers of ( His) (His) blessings.
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