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-228 +228
Do not wed idolatresses, until they believe. A believing slavegirl is better than a (free) idolatress, even if she pleases you. And do not wed idolaters, until they believe. A believing slave is better than a (free) idolater, even though he pleases you. Those call to the Fire; but Allah calls to Paradise and pardon by His permission.He permission. He makes plain His verses to the people, in order that they will remember.
-368 +368
Among the People of the Book there are some, who, if you trust him with a Qintar (98,841.6 (98, 841. 6 lbs.), will return it to you, and there are others, who, if you trust him with a dinar will not hand it back unless you stand over him, for they say: 'As for the common people, they have no recourse to us' They say lies against Allah while they know.
-433 +433
If a wound touches you, a similar wound already has touched the nation. Such days We alternate between the people so that Allah knows those who believe,and believe, and that He will take witnesses from among you, for Allah does not love the harmdoers,
-513 +513
If you wish to take a wife in the place of another wife, and you have given to one a Qintar (98,841.6 (98, 841. 6 lbs.) so do not take from it anything. What, will you take it by way of calumny and a clear sin!
-744 +744
The Messiah, the son of Mary, was not except a Messenger, other Messengers had gone before him.His him. His mother was in the state of sincerity, they both ate food. See how We make plain to them Our signs.Then, signs. Then, see how perverted they are.
-779 +779
When Allah said: '( Prophet) '(Prophet) Jesus, son of Mary, remember the favor upon you and on your mother; how I strengthened you with the Holy Spirit (Gabriel), to speak to people in your cradle and of age (when he descends and dies); how I taught you the Book and Wisdom, the Torah and the Gospel; and how, by My permission, you fashioned from clay the likeness of a bird, and breathed into it so that, by My permission, it became a living bird. How, by My permission, you healed the blind man and the leper, and by My permission you brought the dead forth; and how I protected you from the Children of Israel when you brought them clear signs; whereupon the unbelievers among them said: "This is nothing but plain magic".
-785 +785
And when Allah said: '( Prophet) '(Prophet) Jesus, son of Mary, did you ever say to the people: "Take me and my mother for two gods, other than Allah?" 'Exaltations to You' he said, 'how could I say that to which I have no right? If I had said that, You would have surely known. You know what is in my self, but I do not know what is in Yours. Indeed, You are the Knowledgeable of the unseen.
-1029 +1029
The proud assembly of his nation said to the weak ? weak? amongst them who believed: 'Do you really believe that Salih is sent from his Lord' They answered: 'We believe in that with which he was sent'
-1161 +1161
They ask you about the spoils (of war). Say: 'The spoils belong to Allah and the Messenger. Therefore, have fear of Allah and set things right between you.Obey you. Obey Allah and His Messenger, if you are believers'
-1454 +1454
We brought the Children of Israel through the sea, and Pharaoh and his legions pursued them arrogantly and frantically. But as he was drowning he cried out: '( Now) '(Now) I believe that there is no god except He in whom the Children of Israel believe. I am of those that surrender (Muslims)'
-1502 +1502
My nation, for this I do not ask you for your wealth for my wage is only with Allah. Nor will I drive away the believers, for they will surely meet their Lord.But, Lord. But, I can see that you are ignorant.
-1532 +1532
Such was Aad. They disbelieved the verses of their Lord, rebelled against His Messengers, and did the bidding of every rebellious tyrant . tyrant.
-1536 +1536
He said: 'My nation, think! If I have a clear proof from my Lord and He has given me His Mercy, who would help me against Allah if I rebel against Him?Indeed, Him? Indeed, you would do nothing for me except increase my loss'
-1596 +1596
To Allah belongs the unseen in the heavens and in the earth; to Him the matter, in its entirety, shall be returned. Worship Him, and put your trust in Him.Your Him. Your Lord is not inattentive of the things you do.
-1927 +1927
Those who have gone before them also plotted. Then, Allah came upon their building from the foundations, and the roof fell down on them from above them.And them. And the punishment overtook them from where they did not know.
-2011 +2011
Then indeed your Lord ? Lord? to those who emigrated, after they were persecuted, and then strove and were patient, surely, your Lord is thereafter Forgiving, the Most Merciful.
-2020 +2020
Surely, your Lord to those who commit evil through ignorance and afterwards repent, and mend their ways your Lord thereafter is surely Forgiving,Merciful. Forgiving, Merciful.
-2042 +2042
And to every human ? human? We have fastened to him his bird of deeds upon his neck; and on the Day of Resurrection We shall bring forth to him a book spread open wide.
-2098 +2098
Or, do you feel secure that He will not send you back into it a second time, and send against you a violent tempest and drown you because of disbelief?Then disbelief? Then you shall find no prosecutor (to help) you against Us.
-2166 +2166
Say: 'None but Allah knows how long they stayed. To Him belong the Unseen in the heavens and the earth. How well He sees, and how well He hears!They hears! They have no other guardian, other than Him, and He allows no one (to share) His rule'
-2469 +2469
They both ate of it, and their shameful parts appeared to them, whereupon they began to stitch upon themselves leaves from the Garden. And so it was,Adam was, Adam erred and disobeyed his Lord.
-2527 +2527
We gave days of enjoyment to them and their fathers until their life became long. Are they unable to see how We come to their land and reduce its borders.Or, borders. Or, is it they who are the victors?