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 ===== Resources ===== ===== Resources =====
-  * **Quran Text** : [[http://​​download|Tanzil Quran Text]] +  * **Quran Text**: [[http://​​download|Tanzil Quran Text]] 
-  * **Quran Translations** : [[http://​​trans|Tanzil Translations Repository]] (see our [[Translations Resources| resources]])+  * **Quran Translations**:​ [[http://​​trans|Tanzil Translations Repository]] (see our [[Translations Resources| resources]])
   * **Quran Recitations**:​ [[http://​​|Verse By Verse Quran Project]]   * **Quran Recitations**:​ [[http://​​|Verse By Verse Quran Project]]
   * **Quran Roots**: [[http://​​pub/​url/?​​|Computer Research Center of Islamic Sciences]]   * **Quran Roots**: [[http://​​pub/​url/?​​|Computer Research Center of Islamic Sciences]]
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